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La Vizcaína farm

I am a resident of the Canary Islands

Organic farm

In San Cristóbal de la Laguna

In Valle Guerra, Tenerife, following road no. 20 from Tacoronte to Tejina, and only 15 minutes from Puerto de la Cruz, in an easily accessible area, we can find our ecological farm, “La Vizcaína”, with an approximate surface of 50.000m2 of land which is entirely given over to ecological agriculture.

Hotel Vallemar
Hotel Vallemar

Organic cuisine

Environmentally friendly

Ecological agriculture is a system to work a self-supporting agricultural plot of land based on the optimum use of natural resources without using synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) -neither as a fertiliser nor to fight off plagues, thus managing to obtain organic foodstuffs while preserving the fertility of the soil and respecting the environment, always in a sustainable and balanced manner.

This form of production, in addition to taking ecological aspects into account, includes in its approach an improvement of the quality of life of its inhabitants, in such a way that its objectives are aimed at achieving the complete sustainability of the agricultural production system, i.e. to constitute a social, ecological and financially sustainable agro system.

Commitment to sustainability

Our philosophy

This is a family business that has put its efforts into ecological farming, having practised this modality since 2007. After a few years of hard work looking for the best agricultural practices, we have obtained the best seasonal produce while always adhering to the best environmental and ecological policies which make our products stand out in quality.

Since 2008 we can pride ourselves of having been granted the certificate issued by the Regulating Council of Ecological Agriculture of the Canary Islands, CRAE, Operator # 2511P, something which informs the consumer of the steps we follow for the sowing and obtention of the products.

Hotel Vallemar
Hotel Vallemar


Seasonal products

Among the crops we have bananas, papayas, strawberries, mangoes, oranges, avocados, acerola cherries, pineapples, etc. and we have a crop plan which is adapted to the season. Also, in an area of the farm we have a space devoted to chickens and the production of ecological eggs. The fowl enjoy an existence which is free of chemicals, artificial lighting and cages, for they are out in the open and have adequate installations for their development, as well as feeding which is also based on ecological agriculture.

Health and quality

From the earth to the table

Our objective is to provide clients with an excellent product which is also good for their health, while taking care of the environment and harmonising productivity with the needs of our surroundings, the landscape and Nature that make it possible. It is for this reason that our products go from the farm to your table, without disregarding sanitary controls, and with the passage of only a few hours from collection to your plate.

Hotel Vallemar